Sustainability in our Campus

Commitment to sustainability and creating Community Social Impact (CSI), as we call
sustainability initiatives in CiTech has been an integral part of our institutional culture.

CSI is part of our strategic framework for purposeful growth, through which we aim to be successful over the next decade. We are committed to leadership in sustainability – this is one of our institutional values. As a sustainability leader, we aim to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development while continuing to shape our educational ecosystem responsibly and increasing our value-added services to the community.

We create more value – for our students, our faculty members, our employees, our neighbors, our stakeholders, for the communities we operate in, and for our campuses – while reducing our environmental footprint at the same time. This idea is central to our sustainability strategy and our ambitious goals.

Strategic Goals for Sustainability

  • We anchor sustainability into our campus
  • We create more value among our stakeholders and reduce our environmental footprint
  • We recognize our responsibility along the value chain, contributions from our institutions and teachers.
  • We strengthen the central role of our students, teachers and employees in further developing our strategy, goals and concepts
  • Our intrinsic contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Key Priorities